Sessão Técnica 12

Human and Social Aspects

Data: 06/11 | 17:00-17:50
Sala Santo André
Coordenador da Sessão: André Freire

  • Usage of Psychophysiological Data as an Improvement in the Context of Software Engineering: A Systematic Mapping Study
    Roger Vieira (Unisinos), Kleinner Farias (Unisinos)
  • Identifying Topics and Difficulties on Collaboration in Social Innovation Environments
    Mariana Pinheiro (UNIRIO), Luciana Chueri (UFRJ), Rodrigo Santos (UNIRIO)
  • Evaluating User Experience in 3D Interaction: a Systematic Review
    Erico Veriscimo (USP), João Luiz Bernardes Júnior (USP), Luciano Digiampietri (USP)
  • Motivational Aspects for Voluntary Participation in Open Government Platforms: a Look from the Users Perspective
    Joel Alves de Lima Júnior (UFRPE), Jorge Correia Neto (UFRPE), Marcilio Souza Junior (UFRPE)