Seção Técnica 5

IS and Life Sciences

  • Methods for Automatic Classification of Winged Insects: A Systematic Lireracture Review
    Allan Rodrigues Rebelo (USP), Joao Marcos Garcia Fagundes (USP), Luciano Digiampietri (USP), Helton Biscaro (USP)
  • VitForecast: an IoT approach to predict diseases in vineyard
    Vinicius Bischoff (Unisinos), Kleinner Farias (Unisinos)
  • A Model to Patient Abandonment Prediction in the Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    Wesllei Heckler (FEEVALE), Juliano Varella de Carvalho (FEEVALE), Cassia Costa (FEEVALE), Jorge Barbosa (Unisinos)
  • Analysis and Modeling of Emergent Systems in the Health Information Systems Domain
    Sandro Luis Freire de Castro Silva (UNIRIO), Marcelo Fornazin (UFF), Rodrigo Santos (UNIRIO)